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           Holiday Practice Schedule 

WC Wrestling Varsity and JV

** Holiday Practices are mandatory**

  • Dec 20 (Fri)   -      Varsity at Turner Ashby, JV off 

  • Dec 21 (Sat)   -      Varsity at Turner Ashby, JV off

  • Dec 23 (Mon) -     Practice 10-12 (no school)  

  • Dec 24 (Tues) -    Christmas Eve No practice - break 

  • Dec 25 (Wed) -     Christmas No practice - break 

  • Dec 26 (Thur) -    No Practice

  • Dec 27 (Fri) -       Practice 10-12

  • Dec 28 (Sat) -       Practice 10-12

  • Dec 30 (Mon) -     Practice 10-12

  • Dec 31 (Tues) -     Practice 10-12 

  • Jan 1 (Wed)   -      Practice 3-5

  • Jan 2 (Thurs)  -      Practice 3-5 and Mat Set up   

  • Jan 3 (Friday) -      Varsity Practice TBA &

    •                          JV Round Robin (home)

  • Jan 4 (Sat)     -      WC Invitational (home Varsity)

  • Any Traveling with family for holidays will be excused with a parent email or text

  • Set up rides if you need them BEFORE the day of practice

  • We have matches right after break ends – controlling your weight and keeping conditioning up are crucial to our January performance









                PRE SEASON OFF RIGHT:

1. ITS TIME TO LIFT - but don't lift to get big. Lift to get strong.  Set goals and work to achieve them.  Work with the team and the plan not on your own - work with a partner - keep yourself accountable! 


2. EAT HEALTHY - a lot of kids after the season blow up in weight because they start eating junk food, soda, and fast food.  Don't starve yourself ever but don't consider the off season the cheat season - eat healthy year round. 


3. FIND THE MAT - Most kids definitely need a break from competition and to rest your body.  But the off-season is where you make gains on the mat ("mat time"). In season isn't the time to get mat time - its time to hone your technique and compete. Off season is the time to try, experiment, and challenge yourself without the pressure of the season.

4. Sleep - School is in and your body is still on the summer schedule.  Start making sure you sleep right.  It will help you stay healthy, lose weight, and be successful 

5. TRAIN OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE -  Try new things  to become a better wrestler:

 - try new moves, not only the ones you've done all season

 - try a tournament or camp or clinic - go find the mat in ways you had't before 

 - try new styles, freestyle greco etc...

 - try new training styles - more running, more lifting, get in the best shape 

  - try new so you are not the same old 



1. EAT HEALTHY - starting eating health now before the season starts - get your schedule set up so you won't have to change your diet all at once

       - cut out the soda, junk food, snacks, and candy

       - start eating fruits and vegetable and meats


2. METABOLISM - Keep your metabolism running - don't eat 1 or 2 big meals - eat 4or 5 small meals.  this keeps your metabolism running at a high rate and give you much more energy during the day.


3. SCHEDULE: Get on a good schedule - wake up early and get 8 hours of good sleep.  The season will be much heathier when you are not tired all the time.


4. EXERCISE: The first day of practice should not be the first time you have exercised all year - get the stiffness out by starting to jog, jump rope, and lift. 









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