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Information on the Eric Monday Foundation

  • Memorial Grant

The Eric Monday Foundation has picked Warren County to receive a grant this year to help purchase new team warm ups. Something the team has not been able to afford for sometime. We want to thank the foundation for the generosity and in turn help them spread their Message about Eric and Mental health. Below we have put their mission, their website, their tournament information, and their logo.  Warren County wrestling will be wearing their logo this season to help support their amazing cause! 

  • Eric Monday Foundation Mission statement 

"The Eric Monday Foundation fosters opportunities for young athletes who strive to develop their mind, body and spirit while raising up fellow participants.   The foundation is uniquely focused to raise awareness and “Take Down the Stigma” surrounding mental health."

  • Information and How you can Support the Foundation 


Website: - Eric Monday Website Link 

Make a Donation - 

  • Tournament Info 

The Melee 'til Midnight Wrestling Tournament

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