Mason Dixon Information 



Mason Dixon Championship- March 10-11

Where:  Skyline High School 


Entry fee paid for by Mat Cats 

Match and Weigh in info below:

Weigh-in Information: (from Raptor's coaches)
- Scales will open at 6 PM and close at 9 PM 
- Wrestlers can weigh as many times as needed up to 9 PM
if you are trying to reach a certain weight
- If a wrestler does not make weight they may move up or down one weight class
- Wrestlers under-weight will automatically be moved down unless specifically stated not to on weigh in card
- Please respect the spring sport practices at each school
- Follow the clearly marked signs into the building and into check-ins
- Make an effort to have singlet on or change in a restroom (lots of adults walking around)
- Wrestlers can weigh individually, team weigh-ins are not required
- Wrestlers must weigh in a singlet and 0.6 lb allowance will be given



Mason Dixon Tournament Info


- Admission will be Adult $5 for one day, $7 for a two-day pass, Under 12 $3 per day, Under 5 free.
.- Each team must provide a list of table workers. Table workers must check in by name at the gate and will be admitted for free the day of their shift.


Tournament Schedule 
Saturday, March 11th 
All Bantams and Midgets
Doors Open: 7:00 AM
Coaches Meeting: 8:00 AM
Begin Wrestling: 9:00 AM
Break and Introduction
Finals (exp): 4:00 PM


Sunday, March 12th 
 All Juniors and Intermediates
Doors Open: 7:00 AM
Coaches Meeting: 8:00 AM
Begin Wrestling: 9:00 AM
Break and Introduction
Finals (exp): 2:00 PM


Matches on all mats will be assigned by bout board.
The semis and finals will be on assigned mats




Match Information:


The match information for each week will be located here and will include:


- Location

- Times

- Teams

- Direction



You need to check in with the Coaches when you arrive 



If you are unable to attend you must let the coaches know by the Thursday practice


**All wrestlers are expected to attend matches**






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