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  • Spring AT-HOME Workouts 

  •   The Spring at home workouts will be posted below.  They are body weight exercises and running to stay in shape until we can get back together for our workouts at the school.  They will be posted Monday through Fridays! Contact a coach with questions or more info ! 

Wildcat Quarantine Workouts

General Warmup: 

5-10 min jog/run or 10 x 50 Jump Rope

Dynamic WU:

High Knees, Butt Kicks, High Knee Carioca, Walking Lunge, Side Lunge, Scoops, Knee Pull, Quad Pull

(All 2 x 10 yds)

Day 1


3 Rounds, :15 sec between each exercise

Push Ups x10

Alternate Toe Touch (Abs) x20

Jump Squat x10

Superman Pull Ups x10

Planks (Front, Sides) 30 seconds

Chair Dips x10

Overhead Lunge (Use backpack w/ books) x10

Russian Twist x20

Hip Thrust x20

Single Leg RDL x10

Youtube link to workout:








  • Next Level Club Closed - Info and Event schedules 

  •   The Spring Session of the next level club is currently closed as all schools and facilities have been shut down due to the current health crisis.  All info and schedules will be updated and soon as any new information is made available. We are holding out positive hope that the summer session will be able run as scheduled.  We thank all parents and wrestlers for their patience and support. 

  • The first priority will always be the safety and health of our wrestlers and families.  

  • thank you and go cats!!

  • Just a reminder - USA Wrestling Cards should be renewed each year. 

    • You can renew cards at (remember to get full membership).  There are huge benefits including access to tournaments, insurance, and benefits.  Get your today!




Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, positive environment for area youth to train the sport of wrestling. We address the body, mind and sport.  We stress integrity, discipline and commitment as the foundation for success.  Self responsibility, cooperation and dedication are vital components of the program.  Our coaching staff has a passion for wrestling that carries over to the next generation of grapplers.  In addition, we teach individuals how the lessons of wrestling prepare them for the challenges of life. 



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