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Spring Next Level Club Workout Information 
Our spring off season workouts will start on March 16th!
- We will be running our off season club for anyone interested in wrestling grades 6-12.
- The Club will be every Tuesday and Thursday in the WCHS wrestling room.
- 3:15 to 4:30 after school

We hope to add days to the workout schedule later in the spring.


We will be posting all updates on google classroom and by email as all schedules have been fluctuating in this new covid-19 era.











Spring AT-HOME Workouts 

  •   The Spring at home workouts will be posted below.  They are body weight exercises and running to stay in shape until we can get back together for our workouts at the school.  They will be posted Monday through Fridays! This week we are maxing out - kids can text or email results to me.  This is a fun way to keep track of our progress. Contact a coach with questions or more info ! 

Wildcat Quarantine Workouts Week 9

General Warmup: 

5 min jog/run or 10 x 50 Jump Rope

Dynamic WU:

High Knees, Butt Kicks, High Knee Carioca,

Walking Lunge, Side Lunge, Scoops, Knee Pull, Quad Pull

(All 2 x 10 yds)

Week 9

Day 1 - Monday

no workout - off for Memorial Day! 




Day 2 - Tuesday

Cardio Day – Get Outside!

Choose 1

- 2 Mile Jog

- 5 Mile Bike

- Timed Run - 10 min run / 10 Sprints at Finish

- Hills – Sprint 15 hills, Finish with 10 minute jog

- Steps – 15 Hard Runs (15-20 steps), Finish with 10 minute jog

Day 3- Wednesday

3 Rounds, :15 sec between each exercise

Items Needed: Heavy Bookbag or weight, Chair

Push Ups                                                          x15

Sit ups                                                               x20

Supermans                                                       x10

Burpees (No push up)                                     x10

Planks (Front, Sides)                                        35 seconds

Jump Squat                                                       x10

Single Leg RDL                                                 x10

Tricep Extentions (Use anything weighted)   x10

Alternating Toe Touches                                 x10

Mountain Climbers                                         x20


 ** End workout with an Abs Burn – pick an abs exercise (Crunches, Russian Twists etc..)

 Put 1 minute on the Clock – Do as many reps as you can till failure


Day 4 - Thursday

Cardio Day – Get Outside!

Choose 1

- 2 Mile Jog

- 5 Mile Bike

- Timed Run - 10 min run / 10 Sprints at Finish

- Hills – Sprint 15 hills, Finish with 10 minute jog

- Steps – 15 Hard Runs (15-20 steps), Finish with 10 minute jog

Day 5 - Friday

Items Needed: Heavy Bookbag, 

3 Rounds, :15 sec between each exercise

                        Push Ups Open/closed –alt.                                     x10

                        Scissors (Abs)                                                             x20

                        Crunches                                                                     x20

                        Burpees no push up                                                  x10

                        Chair Dips                                                                   x10

                        Skull Crushers                                                            x10

                        Wide Flys                                                                    x10

                        Supermans                                                                 x10

                        Deadlifts                                                                      x10

                        Alternating Curls                                                        x12


            ** End workout with an Arm Burn – pick an arm exercise (Push up, etc..)

                Put 1 minute on the Clock – Do as many reps as you can till failure

Advice when routine gets tiring

At 4-5 weeks in working out,  the routine can get boring and stale.  This is when we start to put new parts in the workout (this week maxes - next week timed burns), but new parts can only do so much. 

When routine starts to get tiring - go back to the beginning.  Find you motivation and check your goals.  

Step 1 Find your motivation again  - Think about that match you lost, the goal you wanted but didn't achieve, the thing that really pushes you when things get tough. 

Step 2 - Revisit your goals - what do you want? A varsity spot?, a winning record?, a state place? 

Step 3 - Don't try to be other people.  Its fun to read motivational quotes and watch motivational videos, but if you don't connect with something in your own head they are pointless. "It has to come from within"

Don't Forget the best motivation is right in your own head - you just have to find it 

Stay strong, Stay working, stay ahead of your opponents! 

Advice for keeping Motativated during the Quarentine

1) Start a Daily Routine - use the week as work days and the weekends for rest.  Set up a daily routine for school work, workouts, eating etc...  A routine can help you stay physically and mentally on track 

2) Goals - have goals during this time to stay focused. 

3) Be consistent - stay on our routine.  Do you workouts everyday don't skip 

4) Eat Right / Sleep right - you can still snack, not time to cut weight but make sure you are eating right and getting enough sleep. Nothing can throw your body off quicker. 

5) Stay in Contact with teammates - teammates can keep each other on track and help push each other.  Teammates are going through the same things - by phone or social media - stay in touch! 








  • Next Level Club Closed - Info and Event schedules 

  •   The Spring Session of the next level club is currently closed as all schools and facilities have been shut down due to the current health crisis.  All info and schedules will be updated and soon as any new information is made available. We are holding out positive hope that the summer session will be able run as scheduled.  We thank all parents and wrestlers for their patience and support. 

  • The first priority will always be the safety and health of our wrestlers and families.  

  • thank you and go cats!!

  • Just a reminder - USA Wrestling Cards should be renewed each year. 

    • You can renew cards at https://www.usawmembership.com/login (remember to get full membership).  There are huge benefits including access to tournaments, insurance, and benefits.  Get your today!




Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, positive environment for area youth to train the sport of wrestling. We address the body, mind and sport.  We stress integrity, discipline and commitment as the foundation for success.  Self responsibility, cooperation and dedication are vital components of the program.  Our coaching staff has a passion for wrestling that carries over to the next generation of grapplers.  In addition, we teach individuals how the lessons of wrestling prepare them for the challenges of life. 



Next Level Wrestling Club 


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