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     The Warren County Wrestling Parents Association is an organization supports amateur athletes through youth wrestling and promotes amateur wrestling among Warren County’s youth as well as amateur wrestling activities at Warren County High School in the pursuit of athletic development and excellence.


    We are the sponsoring body for multiple wrestling teams with athletes ranging in ages from 4 to 18 years old.  Our teams include the Warren County Middle School team, grades 6 through 8, which competes in the Northern Virginia Junior League; and the Warren County High School team, which competes in the Virginia High School League. In the last few seasons, interest in wrestling has continued to grow and prosper in Warren County with each team setting new records for participation. The Parents Association also sponsors a new summer wrestling club called Next Level Wrestling. This organization supports year-round wrestling opportunities for the county’s youth.


    In addition to furthering sportsmanship, self-discipline, and teamwork, WCWPA provides a wide range of financial support to the teams by: funding the teams to attend local and regional tournaments, purchasing healthy, nutritionist-approved team meals before and during competition, awarding wrestling camp scholarships, and hosting wrestling events during the school season, as well as off-season tournaments.












 How Can You Help?


The Parent's Association is in charge of running a number of activities which help support the wrestling program. If you can help with any activities listed below, please contact the Parent Association at the address listed in the side bar.




 In Season


  • Concession stand

The Parent's assoc. operates the stand during the Wildcats home events. We need help setting up the stand and also volunteers to work the stand. The concession events are: WC Invitational, WC JV Tournament, and home Dual. 



  •  Food Donations  

The team require a number of food donations for the Team to eat (November – January) before matches.


Gatorade - Water - Gram Crackers - animal crackers - nutragrain bars - special K protein bars - honey - Jam (grape/strawberry) - honey - fruit - bagels - boost



  • Hospitality room 

The WCWPA runs a hospitality room for 2 events during the season.  We need people to bake, buy, or make food.    This years events are the 1 Varsity and 1 JV Tournament 

  • Winter Fundraiser 

The Wildcats run a winter fundraiser which is a online Sponsorship campaign. We will be posting info in November - helping us spread the word on social media is a key to its success. 

  • End of the Year Banquet 

The WCWPA hold a end of the year banquet and puts on a fantastic celebration for all the wrestlers, thier hard work, and accomplishments.




Out Of Season


  • Next Level Wrestling Club 

The Parks and Rec sponsored club is supported by the WCWPA and helps wrestlers travel and wrestle during the off season.​​

  • Fundraising 

The team does numerous fundraisers, such as car washes to help the team


  • Sponsorships

 The association seeks sponsorships from local businesses and people to help the team be a major part of the community.

































How to Join/Email List/Facebook


  • How to Join

You can join by clicking on the contact link and sending a message or sending an email to our contact info below. You will be added to our email lists and invited to our yearly meetings. 


  • Email List

We run a weekly email during the season and a bi-monthly email in the off-season.  You can join this to stay updated on all the parent information. 


  • Facebook Group

We have a facebook group site which is closed and by invite only.  This allows only the parents to share information among each other. 


  • Meetings 

We two main meetings - a pre season and post season meetings where team issues are discussed. 


















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Who We Are
        What We Do



  Warren County Wrestling 

Parent's Association





               Email List 





Date                          Event    

Nov 7th                     First Day of Practice 

Nov 26th                   Wrestle offs 

Nov 26th                   Parents Meeting (after Wrestle offs) 

Nov 28th                   2022 Fundraising campaign begins 

Jan 7th                     WC Home Tournament (Hospitality and

                                   concessions run by parents) 

Jan 25th                  Senior Night 

Feb 4th                    WC JV Home Tournament (concessions run by 




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Parents Association Calendar 


Warren County Wrestling Parent Association (WCWPA)





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